Compiling GMIC on Linux Mint Debian Edition 2

Running a self compiled version of Gimp in parallel to the version from your distribution works fine until you try to use it with high-bit depth version of GMIC.

The following instructions for GMIC will help you to prevent /get rid of the following error:
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Creating and processing HDR images using open source software

This article is a follow up on a Google+ discusson asking how open source software can help us to develop HDR images. It describes the steps I took when developing the images from the Sustenpass in Switzerland.
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Compiling Gimp on Linux Mint Debian Edition 2

Since 2012, the gimp development branch support 16 bit images. The following tutorial explains hows how to compile gimp in 10 minutes for Linux Mint Debian Edition 2. Chances are it works for other debian based distributions as well.
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Comparison of highpass filters in GIMP and GMIC


When it comes to sharpening an image, a popular alternative to the unsharp mask is the high pass filter. To apply this method, you create the high pass version of your image in a new layer and set its blend mode to overlay. Applying a layer mask allows you to restrict sharpening to certain regions of the image.
Unfortunately gimp does not provide the high pass filter out of the box. You either need to install gmic or the high pass plugin.
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